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the long write

creative and compelling content

The art of the long form is to keep readers engaged through suitably sized segments,that provide closure at each stage of the reader’s journey, but suitable momentum to compel them to complete the entire publication.

Our long form projects include publications, memoirs, engaging impact reports and human-interest story collections.

These projects typically require at least two months of dedicated service which includes story mining through literature review, onsite visits and interviews; transcription services, writing and editing.

We provide video and photography services to bring stories to life in powerfully visual ways.

mission delivered

peace of mind guaranteed

Beyond crafting stories, we curate the project process ensuring a blend of intellectually stimulating, high quality and visually arresting content delivered to spec and on time.

We understand that beyond product distinction, your story must be delivered within an allotted time frame in order to serve its mission. Therefore our project management services are there to deliver on that expectation.

All process elements from editing, graphic design, infographic development, transcription, legal consent and location management is part of our behind-the-scenes magic that ensures that when you provide a task and Paukwa delivers the quality product you desire.


well spoken

facilitated meetings and curated conversations

We’ve all been to them – meetings or conferences that have lost momentum, where timekeeping is a myth and audience engagement is lost.

A successful workshop, symposium or conference rests on tight moderation skills, and Paukwa can provide you with subtly skillful emcees or moderators who will help plan and guide your meeting and its sessions towards your intended outcome.

Our services ensure your meeting participants not only stay until the end, but walk away having been thoroughly engaged.

paukwa storytelling

stories for social change

At heart we are a bunch of storysmiths dedicated to using the art of positive storytelling to build and transform ideas about the Kenyan identity.

We build content around several themes to advance our social mission and share this content using social media.

See our self developed story campaigns at Paukwa Storytelling at 

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